At Fundamentals, we work with children of all abilities, with and without previous diagnoses of developmental and/or behavioural disorders, to better understand current difficulties and develop helpful roadmaps to support improved functioning.

Working with a Fundamentals Associate, our first step will be to conduct a psychological and/or behavioural assessment to understand what may be contributing to current concerns and difficulties. Based on what we learn, we will develop recommendations tailored to your family’s needs and realities. Follow up consultation and/or intervention is then available through our Associates.

We are here to help children aged 18 months to 16 years and their families.

Psychological and Diagnostic Assessment

We provide child psychology services, including Psychological, Psychoeducational, and Diagnostic Assessment for children presenting with suspected autism spectrum disorders, developmental concerns, learning disabilities, behaviour and attention concerns, social and school adjustment issues, and gifted abilities.

Depending on age and identified concerns, Psychological, Psychoeducational and Diagnostic Assessments may include evaluation of your child’s:

  • Adaptive behaviour
  • Behavioural style based on observation, clinical data, and questionnaire and interview responses from the parents(s) and sometimes the teachers and/or daycare staff
  • Cognitive functioning across a range of specific verbal and non-verbal abilities
  • Concentration and/or attention
  • Memory skills
  • Visual-motor co-ordination skills
  • Further evaluation of specific issues, strengths or weaknesses that are identified by the parents(s) or become evident during the assessment

We also collect information from parents, teachers and others familiar with your child to get a complete understanding. You will receive a written report describing your child’s strengths and needs, test results, diagnosis (if applicable), and recommendations. We will discuss the information with you to ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed.

Once your child has been assessed, we can work with you to develop a treatment plan that will help you restore your quality of life.

Functional Behavioural Assessment and Intervention

We use the proven principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to understand and address challenging child behaviours, including those related to autism.

Through direct observation in your child’s home or school, parent journaling, questionnaires, and/or functional analysis (direct testing in a controlled setting), we can determine what triggers your child to engage in particular problem behaviours.

Once we know what is causing the behaviour, we work with you - our most important partner - to implement a practical treatment plan.

This approach has been proven to work for treating:

  • tantrums
  • self-injurious behaviours
  • aggression
  • disruptive behaviours
  • non-compliance
  • feeding issues
  • toileting
  • sleep problems

These are behavioural problems often seen in, but not exclusive to, children on the autism spectrum.

Our goal is to teach your child how to behave appropriately in his/her typical environments (e.g., home, daycare, school, community). We have achieved success from coaching parents, and/or other caregivers, in their homes, for approximately 2-8 weeks depending on the nature of the behaviour.

Over the course of our relationship, we will monitor your child’s progress and revise strategies as required. We will be there every step of the way to help ensure your family succeeds.

Behavioural Consultations and Workshops

If you are seeking a less formal approach to helping your child adopt more socially acceptable behaviours, we are available to consult and collaborate with families to help them find solutions they can implement themselves.

We can also consult with other professionals to assist in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and other behavioural disorders.

The Fundamentals associates can create customized child psychology, child development, and behavioural therapy courses and seminars for your school, office or community organization.

Topics include:

  • addressing challenging behaviours
  • toilet training
  • feeding interventions
  • treatment of sleep challenges
  • compliance training
  • teaching communication

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